Spikes In Heroin Use Necessitate Distribution of Overdose Kits

Dilated_pupil.gkAs local areas throughout the country attempt to address the rampant outbreak of heroin addiction and prescription pill abuse much of the focus has been on opiate rehab. Getting those currently using into treatment programs is the best route to preserving the safety of so many of people. Still, the scourge of heroin and the overdoses that occur from the drug are of particular concern as well.

Some local organizations and activists from coast to coast are placing emphasis on distributing overdose reversal kits around their communities. The kits include Naloxone, a drug used to reverse heroin overdoses generally admitted by EMTs. In some communities there already a shortage of these kits among emergency responders. Maryland recently made moves to have these kids given to law enforcement officials in their communities. The kits are vital at reducing the rise in fatalities that comes along with increased heroin usage but in the end recovery is the only way to save lives for the long term.

Following an overdose there is often a new found resolve to get clean. Our staff can help find the opiate rehab programs that will work. Call us for yourself or someone you love today, (888)519-1570!