Patient AdvocatesNationwide Behavioral Health Advisors

Our Behavioral Health Advisors have direct access to a national network of rehabilitation facilities, medical professionals, and support groups. Those connections along with the experience and training on how handle specific behavioral health issues our employees can help create a rehabilitation plan that gets you on your way to sobriety and health. Our behavioral health advisors understand that recovery and rehabilitation never has a one size fits all solution, so they will take the time to understand the specific needs before creating a plan. Whether you are looking for addiction treatment that is a long time coming, recovery services after a relapse, eating disorder treatment, or any other help in the areas of drugs, alcohol, and behavioral health give us a call now, (888)519-1570.

Patient Advocacy and Addiction Treatment

Once we have settled insurance information and mapped out a road to recovery our behavioral health advisors can also provide patient advocacy. Since there is no perfect solution to managing and recovering from substance abuse or an eating disorder our staff will help ensure that your treatment is constructive and lasts as long as it is needed. These patient advocates are a vital part of addiction recovery and our staff is ready to advise you or your loved one about their rights, what is available to them, and how they can get the most out of their treatment options. The result is a more thorough recovery that is more likely to guarantee continued success and a full recovery. Each day our staff starts people on their way to a newer and healthier life. It is a position that each and every one of us take incredibly seriously and approach with passion.

Northern and Southern Offices

Thanks to technology and our incredible network of professionals Potential can help people throughout the United States. To further help in that area we have offices in Brooklyn, NY and Fort Lauderdale, FL. This has allowed us to expand our reach and service more patients than ever.

Each year we facilitate intervention services that save families. We facilitate addiction treatment that saves lives. We facilitate eating disorder treatment that allows people to live whole lives again. By uniting people in need with the professionals who understand and can help we aim to make a difference. Call us today if you or a loved one is in danger, (888)519-1570.