Choosing the appropriate treatment center can also mean choosing recovery over relapse.

You may have insurance for which you have paid high premiums. Unfortunately there is a big difference between having the benefits and actually being able to access them. Potential Behavioral Health Advisors are experts at navigating insurance company regulations, and then pairing you with the best addiction treatment programs available. We make it possible for you to maximize the benefits that you have and get you the treatment you need and deserve. Potential Behavioral Health Advisors preferred treatment providers accept most major insurances.


Our dedication and speed ensures you have access to the best and most experienced addiction professionals, board registered interventionists and outreach coordinators in the nation. Potential has established direct relationships with top drug and alcohol addiction centers throughout the United States, giving us a thorough understanding of the strengths of each facility. This deep knowledge means Potential can provide clarity and confidence around the best choices available to you or your loved one. Whether you are looking for addiction treatment or intervention services we can help and get the ball rolling for a long lasting recovery.


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