Let us connect you with all the help you and your loved one need.

Accurate Assessment

We can help with relationship challenges, relapse strategy, long-term support, and post-treatment planning.

Treatment Planning & Placement

We visit all of our facilities in order to tailor treatment placement to meet each clients needs.

Insurance Advocacy

We are knowledgeable
about insurance,
and can help put
your benefits to
work for you.


We work with treatment centers to provide resources and aftercare programs for your loved ones.

Case Management

We provide treatment placement, daily or weekly check-ins, individualized planning, therapeutic referrals, and more.


Potential creates a safe environment that allows our families to break the cycle of addiction & begin the journey of recovery.

Potential effectively and thoroughly assess each client’s individual needs. This can be done on the phone or face to face and help determines the proper course of action. Each client has different circumstances, so therefore will have different needs. Potential takes that into consideration whether it’s picking a detoxification center or treatment program, a style of intervention that will be most effective, or aftercare and coaching to insure client’s success post treatment.

Potential works with licensed professionals in the community to make a referral to a treatment provider. These include: psychiatrists, doctors, medical professionals, social workers and therapists. We also work directly with referrals from the community, parents and loved ones of a struggling addict. We’re committed to providing the most appropriate clinical and comprehensive treatment planning, interventions and case management services.

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More About Our Services



The road to recovery starts with an accurate assessment. We tailor your therapeutic experience, from intensive workshops to specialized mentoring services, specifically built for on relationship challenges, relapse strategy, long term management and support, and post-treatment planning. We use all of the resources at our disposal to create a therapeutic plan for you, all with the utmost discretion.


Therapeutic planning and placement is a vital step in the overall recovery process. Our staff has personally visited the residences, programs, behavioral health and extended care facilities we work with. Seeing these programs firsthand allows us to get to know the staff, understand the methods, view the grounds, and make the best possible decisions regarding placement to meet the needs of your loved one.


Insurance policies are complicated. Regulations vary from state to state. We pride ourselves on being knowledgeable about each insurance company we work with, their regulations and guidelines, and will help put your benefits to work for you. We will even act as your advocate, negotiating with the insurance company on your behalf, making sure you get the most coverage out of your policy.


We approach intervention by building a safe environment that allows our families to break the cycle of addiction. We are dedicated in providing support for family, friends, and co-workers that have a loved one suffering from addiction. Our goal is to move from the crisis into a solution as quickly as possible, so the journey towards recovery and wellness can begin.


Case management involves strategic processes and individualized planning that paves the way for successful therapy. Our case management can range from 30 days to a year, and includes treatment placement, aftercare coordination, daily or weekly check-ins, program meeting recommendations, referrals, and drug testing when necessary. We visit the programs, individual practitioners, and other solutions we offer to ensure they continue to meet our standards.


We work with treatment centers directly to provide resources and aftercare programs for our clients and their families. Feel secure knowing the next steps have already been considered.