A New Article Again Highlights the Language of Addiction and Addiction Treatment

Addiction TreatmentA few weeks back we talked about how language can be particularly stigmatizing to people attempting to address issues of addiction of any kind. Now a new editorial in the journal Substance Abuse is discussing those same concerns that we shared. The article by Lauren M. Broyles suggests that phrases such as “addicts” and “junkies” can actually do a lot of harm to people trying to get help for their behavioral health issues.

The article suggests that when words like those mentioned above are used it can undermine people’s recovery. The concern is that these words lay the blame for a person’s behavior wholly at the feet of the person struggling with addiction. Other words discussed in the article are commonly used euphemisms like “clean” or “dirty” when discussing drug testing.

While the article does not suggest eradicating these words from the language of recovery altogether it does strongly caution everyone involved to read signals and understand how their words might be affecting a patient. The important thing to remember is that drug and alcohol addiction are illnesses that should be handled as such. Rather than placing the blame on someone in an alcoholism treatment program or drug rehab, you should be applauding their efforts to get an addiction under control.

What Robin Williams’ Death Says About Addiction Treatment and Depression

Alcoholism Treatment ProgramRobin Williams’ death last week, of an apparent suicide, highlighted several issues near and dear to our hearts as behavioral health advisors. Williams had, through years of endearing himself in the hearts and minds of millions, struggled long and hard with addiction. He went through drug treatment programs, alcoholism treatment programs, and everything that tends to come along with them but in the end it all came up short in one key way. The depression that was at the heart of his addictions was not fully addressed.

While no one can fully guarantee the success of an addiction treatment program we are more equipped than ever to address not just the surface issues but their source. Each year newer more personalized variations on old treatment methods come up. As a culture we are better at dealing with addiction and depression than ever before, yet we still sometimes come up short.

The important takeaway is that there are resources to get you out of addiction and depression. Sometimes making the call is hard but it is always worth it. Had someone been given the chance Robin Williams might still be alive today. Before you do anything drastic give us the chance to help.

The Language of Addiction

Substance Abuse RecoveryThe language of talking about addiction is a vital part of how we as a society perceive those afflicted with addiction. Experts also agree that those words can make a huge impact in the success of substance abuse recovery. When families and friends invest in intervention services knowing how to talk about addiction is a vital part of the work these experts offer.

The key many experts suggest, is in whether you allow the addiction itself to define the person in question. While phrases like “junkie” are should remain well out of your vocabulary there are still more subtle things to consider. As opposed to calling someone a “heroin addict” for example, it is advised that supportive players would refer to the person as “dealing with addiction.”

In a society obsessed with labeling people it can be difficult to avoid this kind of negative language, but the results of people using supportive terms is often a more lasting recovery. Addiction treatment is a tough row to hoe for anyone. It becomes a whole lot easier when there is a solid foundation of supportive people making their best efforts to avoid using phrases that diminish the person fighting the good fight.

Addressing Opiate Addiction Head On

Opiate RehabA quick search for keywords like “opiates,” “painkillers,” and “pills” on Twitter will reveal an attitude around the drugs that is disturbingly cavalier. People, teenagers, people in their 20’s, and even a number of folks who should be mature adults are posting statuses making light of burgeoning and even fully formed opiate addictions.

The truth is, as the use of prescription painkillers and other opioids increases among groups of younger people the fallout caused by these addictions can be greatly misunderstood and dangerously underestimated. Opiate rehab is widely available but for too many addicts the very idea that they have developed a habit does not hit home until it is too late. For many addicts the pills themselves, or the prescriptions to get them, become prohibitively expensive. The next step is far too often heroin.

If you suspect a loved one is developing a dependence on prescription medication or heroin you should not hesitate to engage with them about it. If you see this kind of cavalier attitude around the drugs that too is worth calling out. In order to encourage addiction treatment we must make it clear that this is a problem. For those who need assistance reaching out to a loved one intervention services are available.

Potential Helps Honor Addiction Treatment

Addiction TreatmentPotential was a sponsor of an important event last week. The annual America Honors Recovery gala and awards ceremony is the world of substance abuse treatment’s annual celebration of those making a real impact in their communities. This year’s awards ceremony bestowed honors on doctors and treatment professionals making a real impact in local communities affected by substance abuse issues.

The ceremony, as always, comes with a bittersweet feeling that we and those who fund us could be doing more. With addictions to prescription pain medicine and heroin on the rise in communities nationwide it can feel as though the addiction treatment professionals are fighting a battle they are doomed to lose. Luckily among politicians attitudes are beginning to mature and change.

Last week the Governor of New York, Andrew Cuomo, signed a law that would expand access to addiction treatment for New Yorkers. It was in response to the increasing scourge that is opiate addiction throughout the state but especially in Staten Island, Buffalo, and a variety of smaller communities throughout the upper part of the state. In weeks prior states like Virginia and even the White House have held hearings and summits to discuss increasing need for access to opiate rehab.


As Awareness Spreads Resistance to Treatment and Opiate Rehab Remain

Intervention ServicesWith our special expertise of opiate addiction recent news has not been encouraging. While city and state lawmakers and law enforcement organizations are becoming more aware of the scourge of prescription drug addicts and those who have graduated in great numbers to heroin the methods for dealing with the issues on a broader scale are few. Increasingly open discussions among these professionals and the many local organizations that are dedicated to offering treatment options(many of whom are partners of Potential) could be helpful and might eventually net positive results the numbers are still scary. It was estimated recently that as few as ten percent of prescription drug addicts will seek treatment.

This suggests that more than ever the issue of opiate rehab has to be broached by family and friends concerned with addicts. To that end it is worth noting that intervention services can make a world of difference. Professionals who understand the issues associated with intense drug use can help families break through to at risk loved ones. The results can often lead to some hope in even the most intense and scary cases.

If you are considering getting help for yourself or someone you know do not hesitate to call us for our expertise.

Addiction Treatment and Finding the Light At the End of Your Tunnel

intervention for substance abuseThe grasp of addiction can be startlingly hard to break. Many of us have seen someone struggle with addiction with some emotional distance to their struggle missing their humanity, missing that it might someday be us. As the grasp of addiction takes hold you often do not see it until it is too late. We are too busy enjoying  the trappings of our addictions, of our illnesses, of the thing that takes us out of ourselves and out of the moment.

Getting back into the moment is a struggle and some of us need a little push, all of us need a helpful hand. Potential is the best first step to finding intervention services and the proper rehabilitation strategy no matter what your addiction is. Whether you are struggling with an opiate addiction or an eating disorder that has taken control of your life, we can help. Our experts have helped people find the light at the end of the tunnel after time in the darkness, no matter what the substance.

Through addiction treatment you can take control of your life. On this blog we plan to share inspiring stories, helpful tips on bettering yourself, and anything else that strikes us as helpful for coping with addiction.

“Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much.”
                                                                                                   -Hellen Keller