We’re Hiring In Florida!

Florida JobsWe are opening a brand new office in Fort Lauderdale, Florida and we need someone to take on the position of Director of Admissions. If you live in the area and have experience in medical administration, behavioral health recovery, and managing an office please email us your resume at info@potentialllc.com.

Our new Fort Lauderdale office will help us expand the quality national work we have been doing from our current Brooklyn location. With medical professionals, experts, and facilities across the country we are uniquely equipped to help people coping with addictions, eating disorders, and other behavioral health conditions. This new office will allow us to be more hands on with the community in Florida and will expand our reach around the south!

Help us find the right addiction treatment for people who need help now!

Healthy Habits for Beach Season

Intervention ServicesThe summer is something many of us look forward to. After a long winter it is nice to thaw out, take in some sun, and increase the amount of time we spend outdoors. Still, it is not without its stress especially for anyone who has dealt with eating disorders and a general sense of stress around their body image. For many women especially the focus on having a “bikini body” can be the trigger that eventually leads them to seek out eating disorder treatment.

Leading into the summertime it is vital for everyone to stick together in trying to tamp down the ill conceived and unhealthy standards for what constitutes a great beach body. Instead we can focus on the positive things that come with the warm weather. Instead of resorting to unhealthy crash diets and other behaviors that can turn into eating disorders, focus on all of the great outdoor activities you can do. Instead of focusing on wearing the tightest or skimpiest swimsuits find swimwear that makes you feel comfortable. Above all support friends and family. Remind them that they are beautiful at any size.

For anyone having trouble getting into the summer spirit and especially for people spiraling into a world of anorexia or bulimia there is help. Please contact our specialists to find the right eating disorder treatment before these issues become dangerous and life threatening.