National Job Listing – Clinical Outreach Coordinator

Addiction TreatmentDo you have experience in the addiction treatment and clinical outreach worlds? POTENTIAL – Behavioral Health Advisors, a national addiction treatment placement service, is looking for a Clinical Outreach Coordinator located anywhere in the continental United States of America.

With offices in Brooklyn, NY and Fort Lauderdale, FL, POTENTIAL has a national reach. In an effort to continue to grow and to continue to help find treatment for those struggling with addiction in communities throughout the country, our Clinical Outreach Coordinator will utilize his/her connections while also building new ones to spread the word about our behavioral health advisors.

The right candidate will have experience in clinical outreach as well as connections in the worlds of addiction treatment, substance abuse counseling, eating disorder treatment, and intervention services. The right candidate will also be a motivated self starter, able to work on their own with minimal supervision. We are ready to have someone start soon so reach out if you think you’re right for this position now!

Send a resume and cover letter to Eric Paskin at as soon as possible.

The Necessary Assistance of Patient Advocates

For too many people among us addiction is a lonely road to walk down. There can be such a discrepancy between the way people feel and the actual understanding of each of these very unique and very personal illnesses. That unknown element can make those living with addiction feel shut off from so much of society and can make the process of recovery, already a difficult process as it is, more of a challenge.

Luckily there are services and individuals eager to help those in need. Those people are also eager to help the institutions built to help these people better understand their plight. Patient advocates are among the greatest heroes in the struggle to curtail the seemingly endless growth of addiction in our society. Part of that is by understanding the right way to approach addiction treatment. Another major part is in knowing how to help those going through addiction treatment to get the kind of personalized service necessary to a successful recovery.

If you or someone you know is trying to fight through the bureaucracy that can sometimes build up around healthcare in general and addiction treatment in particular, addiction treatment advocacy can help. Our staff can make things a lot easier to manage and make treatment a lot more effective.